3 rounds:

10 Overhead Squats A(135/95) B(115,75)
15 KB Swings A(2,1.5) B(1.5,1)
30 Double Unders

Start jogging 2 laps within 5 minutes of finishing wod.

We are going to miss Sandra & Bob for the next couple of weeks but I am sure they are really excited to do some road wods and post them (wink,wink BD&SD…hehe) Enjoy the vacation and see ya soon!

Rest Day

You know you are a CrossFitter when…

~ Your shins have more scrapes than a twelve year old boy.
~ You know better than to say, “That looks easy”.
~ You’ve spent HOURS watching videos of other people working out (who does that?).
~ CrossFit t-shirts dominate your wardrobe.
~ When you travel, your first concern is if there is a local affiliate close by.
~ Refresh is your favorite button after 9pm.
~ 3 on 1 off takes priority in your schedule.
~ The words Snatch and Jerk have lost there comedic value, but farting while deadlifting has not.
~ There are days you have to talk yourself OUT of going to the gym because it’s a rest day and that means you are suppose to rest, right? You are confused at this and ask your coach if you can still go for a run. When they tell you rest means rest, still confused, you ask if that means you should do nothing or could you do…?
~ You can relate to this sentence “I feel like a GD Navy Seal and an Olympic Gold Medalist wrapped in a F-ing suit of body armor”.
~ You shave your hands.
~ Pain is a relative term.
~ You know what this stands for IWCABTAMD.
~ You know the ten general skills by heart and can recite them at social gatherings.
~ You have posted pictures of yourself working out on facebook.
~ You believe in sweat angels.
~ You’ve looked up the criteria for the Nobel peace prize to see if you can nominate Coach Glassman.
~ Tape and chalk are at a premium.
~ You used to bit your nails and now you pick at your calluses.
~ Almond butter is the nectar of the Gods.
~ You know that the benchmark WOD’s are named after real people and you would find it interesting to talk with some of them and find out WHY?
~ Paleo is more than a reference to the past.
~ Fat is delicious; you laugh at fat free.
~ You don’t remember what it is like to have mirrors in your gym.
~ You must workout with loud obnoxious music, but never hear a word of it.
~ You consider other CrossFitters family.
~ You believe the world would be a better place if everyone was a CrossFitter.

Bear Ladder

After looking at this one, I don’t think we need to do a lift today….haha….enjoy!

“Bear Ladder”
1 – Deadlift
1 – Hang Power Clean
1 – Front Squat
1 – Push Press
1 – Back Squat
1 – Push Press

You will pick the weight for this workout (choose wisely), but you must use the same weight for the whole workout. You will start with one cycle of “The Bear”. Rest as long as you like, then do two cycles. Rest as long as you like then do three cycles. The goal is to get to 10 cycles, but you must finish in 20 minutes. A cycle of the bear is a deadlift to hang power clean to front squat to push press to back squat to push press. When doing more than one cycle, you can only touch and go when the bar touches the ground for the deadlift. During the cycles, you can rest anywhere within the cycle (bar at shoulders, bar in the hang, etc.)

The “H” WOD


4 pullups
8 push press (75,55)
12 squats

Tommorow is going to be a tough one by the way-going to get some heavy weights in there!

Named this one after Hung cause he would CRUSH this wod (ok I should say, WILL crush this wod when his shoulder is better!).


Lift: Deads

WOD: Slam balls & Sled pulls! 3 Rnds

10 slam balls (25,20)
Sled pull to 100 M’s A(45,25) B(35,15)
10 Front squat’s A(85,65) B(65,45)
Sled pull 100 M’s back

Little head to head comp going on here….swimmer vs. firebreather!

Has anyone seen this guy, he has been missing for about a week or so? If so please approach carefully, don’t make any sudden moves and ask him to return to CrossFit Dragonfire, We miss him! side note…please do not feed him any carbs or sugar..THANKS!

7th Heaven

7th Heaven-
Warm up:
Jog lap, 7 GHD situps, 7 back extensions on GHD, 70 double unders

WOD: 7 Rounds

7 Kettlebell swings A(2, 1.5 pood) B(1.5 pood/1pood)
7 Burpees
7 Knees to Elbows
7 Box Jumps

This is our first repeat wod since the opening of Dragofire in Jan. This wod was done on Feb 1st and here are your times to beat:
RD:11:33RxA Michele: 13:24 RxA QB:16:43(mods)AD11:41 RxA

Hung says that if the 4 above do not beat their times then there WILL be burpee penalties! GO GET EM’ firebreather!

BD showing us some shin!

We got a bleeder!

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