Team Wod

Lift:work on a clean today

As a 2 person team, complete 3 Rounds of:
50 Snatches (95,65)
50 Wall Ball Shots (20,16)
run to green pole and back (about 150 M’s)
*only one person can go at a time; if no partner then cut reps in half

since we are working a lower weight but higher reps there should be no pushing up the snatch….get under it and work form!

Hung & I at the Mobility Cert with Kelly Starrett

“Big Five 55”

It’s called the “BIG FIVE 55 WORKOUT”
descending from 10 to 1 reps and is for time. So round 1 is 10 reps, round 2 is 9, round 3 is 8 and so forth down to 1 rep in round 10. Total of 55 reps per movement.

1. Front Squat (95 / 65)
2. Pull ups
3. Decline Parallette Pushups (feet aprox 1′ higher than your hands)
4. Power Cleans (135/95)
5. Knees to elbows



3 Rounds:

30 Push ups (hands release at the deck)
run plate to top of driveway and set down (45,35), run back
21 Overhead Squats (95/65)
run to top of driveway and bring plate back (45,35)

We are going to share with everyone what we learned at the Mobility Cert. yesterday……FUN stuff!


Today is CrossFit workout Fight Gone Bad day across the world. Our friends at CF Fort Vancouver are holding an open FGB workout today along with many other gyms. Hung & I are out of town at the mobility cert today, but please join the rest of the CrossFit community and go attack the FIGHT!

Fight Gone Bad (FGB) is a workout simulating an MMA fight, combining 5 exercises. The clock starts and you have to complete as many reps (calories for the rower) as possible in 1 minute, every minute you switch exercises until you complete all 5 exercises, then you get 1 minute rest. Total of 3 rounds. The exercises include: rowing, push press, box jumps, sumo-dead high pull, and wall balls. M:75#; W:55#

BW Deads & GHD SU’s

Lift: work some light cleans today….goal is to receive bar low and solid!

3 rounds:

20 Deadlifts (BW)
20 GHD Sit-ups

Do a skill set today and some mobility work!

Hopefully we will see Hung working like this again soon….he is easing back into it and I expect bionic movements soon!

Working De”Bell”s

Lift: Snatch- does not have to be heavy,work motion and lock out.

Complete 5 rounds for time:
7 KB Swings (2, 1.5)
7 KB SDHP – (2, 1.5)
Sprint to top of driveway & use the walk back to the KB as rest between rounds

Jog a lap after wod or hop on the rower for a 500!

Hmmmmm, I wonder what crazy couple may have inspired the name of this wod?

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