Just 1 minute of work

It’s the Llama! Come on and sing it RD! Mokha, Mokha, Mokha..Mokha, Mokha, Mokha!

3 rounds

1 min of rowing
1 min of KTE
1 min of Man makers

At the end of the 3rd round finish up by doing:
1 min of DU

No rest in-between movements

Meters rowed + Reps + DU = Total

Hung posted this wod bd that is why it is missing those burps-haha!

Fun from ‘Hel’

This one is from CF Hel in Portland-arrg!
5 rnds For Time of:
50m Run (top of driveway and back)….if it is raining then it is 15 OH walking lunges (35-45,25-35)
6 Squat Cleans (BW)
10 Burpees

Rest 5 mins then:

3 Rnds of:
20 Deadlifts (BW)
20 GHD Sit-ups (or you can sub wb or sb situps)

Make mods that you need and do your best! Yeah they are tough over at Hel!

Just a little break dancing elf action from Keanu.

The 12 days of Xmas Crossfit style

1 Body weight Deadlift (Total reps 12)
2 Burpees (22 reps)
3 Kettlebell swings (2 pood/1.5) (30 reps)
4 Box jumps (36 reps)
5 Ring Rows (40 reps)
6 Double unders (42 reps)
7 Squats (42 reps)
8 Sit ups (40 reps)
9 Wallballs (36 reps)
10 Ballslams (30 reps)
11 Ring Dips (22 reps)
12 Thrusters (95/65) (12 reps)

Just like the song: The first day of crossfit my true love gave to me 1 BW DL, then 1 BW DL and 2 Burpees, then 1 BW DL, 2 Burpees, and 3 KB swings…..you get the picture. Merry Xmas! Now if you fail to show up an will angel lose their wings! 🙁 Just kidding…CrossfitDragonfire wishes you and your family the very best this holiday season.


Pick a lift today and work it! Ideas…..Deads, Cleans, Press, Bench….probably not squats after yesterdays wod-LOL! You can also choose to do a skill set or 2 after lift.

Friday 10am WOD if you want to come since there will be no wod on Sat. It will be a hard but fun one (-:

4 person team WOD

Please try and make it to class at 5:30 to warm up but no later than 6 pm. We will start the first heat by 6 pm. We are going to do a 4 person team WOD.

Execution: This is a team effort so it is accumulative reps. Only two team members can exercise at a time, and all reps must be completed before moving on to the next movement (i.e. finish all the wallballs before moving on to the double unders). FORM COUNTS!!

300 Wallballs
400 Double unders
500 Situps
600 Squats

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