Weigh In day!

Welcome to Benchmark week! Is gonna suck! If it didn’t suck you guys won’t keep coming back. Hahaha

Skill: Push ups with slam balls


3 rounds for time
400 meter run
1.5 pood Kettlebell swing x 21
Pull-ups 12 reps

It’s good to have friends

Skill: L holds on rings or P bars: total time 90 sec.

5 Person Team WOD
15 cal row
Double unders
Ring dips
Push press (95/65)

-rower sets the pace and when they reach 10 calories everyone rotates up to the next exercise-

-goal is as many total reps as possible

Rest day

Great week guys! Love the hard work you guys have put in. Only a few more days until weigh in! Hang in there and remember the potluck is on Saturday after the WOD. Check out Ayla defying gravity. Two more days of gymnastic week and defying gravity will be our next skill set. Just a little sneek peek for next week! Bench mark week. Maybe a little Fran, Barbra, ooh how about Murph, Karen, Jackie. Man the list goes on and on. The big question is who will show up?

Yeah only 2 rounds

Skill: HSPU (strict or smaller band than you normally use) This is NFT.

2 rounds
20 atomic pushup
10 body weight dead lift
20 wall balls
10 box jumps (men’s height: 24″ box to ground then ground to 30″ to ground, back on the 30″ to ground, and ground to 24″)
(women’s: 20″ to 24″ same pattern as men’s)
20 DU

Rest day! Meat Baby.

Our challenge is almost over, just 5 more days to go! To celabrate, CFDF will be hosting a Paleo Potluck after Saturday’s WOD. Please bring your favorite Paleo dishes, so we can all share in the goodness that came from this challenge. Remember weigh in is Sunday morning before the WOD, and we will announce the winner at the end of the workout.

Since we all went paleo, the big question is, “Would you eat a meat baby?” Post comments.

Gymnastic Week!

Most of our movements and skill work this week will evolve around Gymnastic moves. Don’t get me wrong, we will still do lifting, and running. Our focus will be on Gymnastic.

Skill: Weighted pullups and “L” holds on the rings (scale as needed)

3 rounds
20 One arm Db hang power clean and jerks (30/20) (switch arms as needed)
20 Superman to Hollow
(hollow,left to superman,hollow, right to superman back to hollow is 1 rep)
20 One arm Db snatches

Leg burner, burn, baby, burn!

Skill: sled pulls! 3 pulls-100 meters each-start heavy. Every turn around drop some weight off. The goal is to try and maintain your time for all three pulls. If you sandbag the weight, you will wear a vest for the WOD. Choose your weight wisely!


Start @ the 50 meter
Broad jump to the gym (FYI I took the burpees out of this movement, you can thank me later.)
KB swings (2-1.5 pood)
Sit ups

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