Sick, Sick

Say no to drugs! Do it for your bestfriend.

REPEAT WOD from Jan-

WOD for time 4 rounds:
40 situps with abmat
30 box jumps (24″,20″)
5 thrusters (135,95)

OK crew here are times from Jan…if you did it then I expect that you will beat your time, if not then you have a 20 burpee penalty!
M:14:33Rx, AD:13:47Rx, Knox:11:20something Rx, VP:20:47 w/85#’s, H:12:21Rx, RD:10:50Rx

Rest Day

Next week I am opening up an 8:30-9:30 am wod time on Tues. & Thurs. Please let me know who to expect. New gym is coming along…we can all go out for a field trip on Sat. and check it out 🙂 We should be in there hopefully the 2nd week of March, which is just in time for the CrossFit games challenges! I put up a link on upcoming events with more information. We are hoping to do a swim wod next week lead by TMNT at the pool (always expect the unexpected in CrossFit). We still need to know if anyone wants to order sweatshirts with the new Dragonfire logo so I can get the order in and sizing. Cost will probably end up being $30.00 per sweatshirt (We will just charge what it costs us to have them made). Lastly I just want to say we are so very lucky to have such a great crew! Please keep up the neverending mobility work and eating healthy!

Fast canoeing!

Skill: Two attempts to get your fastest 500 meter row.

WOD: 22-16-10 WTF?
Dead lift (185/135)

Note: Plan for a swimming WOD at Gresham high school on Tuesday March 8 at 5:30 pm. Please RSVP for a head count. No extra charge for CFDF members. Remember to bring proper attire (No man thongs Ted!) Be ready to get our drown on! See you at the bottom.

Amrap 15

Lift: warm up press then find your max.

12 burpees
9 walking lunges
7 presses (50% of your 1 rep max)

Hung and I wanted to throw out a congratulations to Bob & Ted this week who both got their kipping pullup! They did both have pullups before but could not connect a kip so this is a big step to faster wods and awesome looking callused hands- GREAT WORK GUYS!

WOD AT 5pm

Here is a look at our new logo. This is not the final draft, but it should be very simular to this. Please let Michele or I know if you are interested in getting T-shirts, sweat shirts, and our work thongs made. We will just need your money…I mean your sizes, number of shirts, and color you prefer. I believe we will have, blue, white, and black to choose from. Just send an email to me at with the information.

There will be a make up wod tonight if you come sometime around 5, at the latest around 5:45. You can make up a wod that you missed or you can do skill work.

On the Odd minutes

warm-up: 3 rds
10 pull ups
10 squats
10 push ups
10 dips
10 situps
These movements are not for time.

skill: Shrugs


100 DU’s (200 singles)
50 Wallballs (20,16)
25 GTO (95/65)
10 KB (1.5,1)

on the odd minutes (1,3,5….)
5 pushups
10 situps
15 air squats

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