some chipper action

WOD barbell weight (115/75)

30 Pull ups
21 Thrusters
5o Double Unders
21 Hang Power Cleans
50 Double Unders
21 Push Presses
50 Double Unders
21 Burpees
30 Pull ups

I really don’t know why I posted this crazy looking wod…it just seemed like a good idea at the time but I am not sure if I am going to be thinking the same thing tomorrow evening….oh well….CrossFit Up right!
Great job at PR’s night last night…it was a good one! LF got did her first snatch and made it up to a respectable 55#’s I believe, CF met Cindy for the first time…he may be subbing something for the pullups in today’s wod lol after over 100 pullups last night, Jen pulled a huge 100 squat clean-not bad at all for a newbie, AC pr’d on his snatch by over 15#’s and QB and I both got a 100# snatch pr., Tami rowed her 1st 1k and didn’t look wrecked…I see a 2k in her future now and Allycat was pulling some pretty mean cleans along with reg kb swings tonight! LOVE the DF CREW- keep up the great work!

PR Day or find a Max lift

Try to find a PR or find a max lift. Examples..You can go for a pr row, max pullups, MU’s, etc. or find a max lift on a dead, clean, bench, OHS, or a snatch. Oh how the list can go on and on. You can even re-do a WOD you haven’t done in awhile and try and get a PR.

News: We are signing up for the Warrior Dash. It will be Sept 11, which is a Sunday at 1230 pm. Please sign up as soon as you can so we can get a head count and make travel plans. Oh and we will be discussing uniforms or should I say costumes.

Please help us out by parking in our driveway or in the gravel lot, and not on the street. Thank you.

We will also have several sign up sheets for:

Protien and fish oil orders
4th of July Pot luck
Warrior dash

12 min AMRAP

Guess who turned 1 yesterday? Yes it’s our very own Shadow and his 7 brothers and sisters.

12 minute ladder

Squat cleans 95#/65
OHS 95/65

*starting with 3 reps of each movement continue to add 3 reps to each movement each time you begin a new round. Your goal is to get to the highest number of reps within 12 minutes. (ex. 3 cleans, 3 OHS, 6 cleans, 6 OHS, 9 cleans, 9 OHS and so on ………)

Rabbit Team WOD

Work as a three man team:

We will have three stations:
Station 1: KB swings 1.5/1 pood
Station 2: Lunges
Station 3: Pushups

1st partner will start on KB
2nd partner “the rabbit” will lung from station 1 to station 3. This will be the length of the gym
3rd partner will start on pushups

This is a 12 minute AMRAP
Partner 2 sets the pace, When 2 lunges to stations 3, they will switch, leaving where 3 left off on their pushups, 3 then lunges to station 1 and switches with 1, 1 will lunge to station 3 and so on and so on for 12 minutes. Your score will be total KB swings and pushups.

You can all thank the Godfather for this one!

AM WOD or Rest Day

Just to let you guys know about several upcoming events:

Tomorrow RG and I are taking the kids to Punch bowl falls at around 10 am. It’s about a 4 mile hike round trip. Here is a link and a photo of the falls.

Warrior Dash: Sept 10-11, registeration is already up. Please let us know if you guys are interested in going together as a team. This would be for fun and not so much the compeitive nature.

This Sunday after the WOD a couple of us are going to go eat some traditional Vietnamese food. Yum! Plan on a cheat day. Speaking of cheat days, do you know little Sara can throw down a dozen donuts in one sitting! Kelly and I have seen it done. Simply incredible and she still keeps the weight off. This should be the new paleo diet. What do you think and whole 30 days with nothing but donuts. (Love you Sara)

If you don’t have plans for the 4th of July, you are welcome to join us for some food and fireworks. Our neighbor is getting a permit to do an aerial show. It should be a great show. If you want to avoid the crowds and traffic, come hang with us.

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