Track WOD at Sandy High School

WOD is at 10:00 am at Sandy High school’s track field..Thats why we call it a track WOD because we will be on the track field, where people run fast and in a circle. What would we be doing there you ask, well what else would you do on a track field…400 meter burpees of coarse..or how about the burpee mile? You will have to wait and see.

100 meter sled pull at 90/66#
100 meter sled drag at 90/66#
100 meter burpee broad jumps
100 meter bear crawl
200 meter weighted sprints at 30/25

Thanks everyone for coming out. It was a good time even though we had to mod from the orginal plan. Adapt and overcome baby. Remember NO WOD tomorrow. If you want something to do, go for a trail run or run a 5k. Post your WOD if you do one.