KJ Birthday WOD!


3 rope climbs
31 Situps
31 CTB+T2B (1CTB followed by 1 T2B= 1 rep)
31 DU’s
31 Man Makers (25/15)
3 MU’s
You can break up the 31 reps anyway you like, but you have to start with 3 rope climbs and end with 3 MU’s.
Example: You can do 10 HSPU and then go do your DU, or Man Makers, but at some point during the workout you need to go back and finish 21 HSPU or any unfinished reps. You can jump around as you like but the total reps for each movement must be completed before you move on to the MU’s) Sounds complicated, but so is EJ…hahaha

Can anyone guess how old KJ is?

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