Team WOD love thy partner

Teams of 2

100 Wallballs 20/14
One partner works while the other holds a plank. Switch as needed. Wallballs can only be perform when the other partner is in a plank position. Once a total of 100 WB have been completed move to the next station

10 x across the gym. Across is 1, back is 2 and so on.
Weighted lunges 35/45 use whatever equipment you want barbell,kb,dumbbell, sandbags, bumper plates. It’s up to you.
One partner works while the other does wallsits. You can only lunge when other partner is in a Wallsit.

Finish with 75 patty cake sit ups.

Great work everyone on Open WOD 12.2 Top 3 men were RD-60, MC-58 and H & CF tied at 52. Top 3 girls were AD-85, M-70, & QB-67. Huge week of snatch PR’s! LF, SG, AC, CG & CF all did multiple reps at their PR weight! AWESOME!!!!!