Reg. wod #2

Ok here we go, another regional wod-pick either option and work it hard!

Option A: Regional Rx with 17 min time cap
Row 2,000 meters
50 One-legged squats, alternating
30 Hang cleans (225 / 135 lbs) elbows must be clearly in front of bar on each rep.

Option B:
Row 2K
75 alternating walking lunges
30 hang cleans (pick a heavy weight for you and post)

Couple of notes:

-Shirt sign up on CFDF office door, please state: color Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue or Dk Grey size and if you want a zip up hoodie, reg hoodie, or girls tank. They will all be screened with the Yellow and grey color logo that is on our current zip up. Once I get our order together I will let you all know final cost- tanks 15, zips and hoodies 35-40ish I believe. I also have many tshirts in the office in sizes men’s med- xl from $5-$20

-There is also a few fun events coming up outside of Dragonfire. Steve wanted to know if anyone wanted to sign up for the Spartan race in June. CrossFit Fort Vancouver is also hosting a fun event in May which is for 2 person teams, we have done this event before and it was a blast- there is more info on the door.

-We are doing a lot of movements that we have not been able to do for awhile at the new gym so please listen to your body and do not overdo it, we want everyone to stay healthy and injury free!

-We will be opening up a Tues. evening open gym soon from 5-6:30pm hosted by our own Ryan DeBell. Work on skills, a lift or get in a quick wod. I will let eveyone know when it will start. Also Claudio Granjean will be running the Friday 8AM class, so come in and get some coaching time with the “Wodfather”.

Lastly for now…the gym doors now open at 4pm so if you want to beat the 5pm wod rush, come in and get your wod on early!