BBQ our place at 6pm- NO open gym today

Please come hang out with the CFDF crew at our house at 6pm this evening for a BBQ- bring a side dish if you want. Sad that there is no open gym……don’t worry I can put you through a swim wod if you want (-: Swimsuits if you want to hit the pool! If you need to know how to get to our place call me on my cell at 971-219-7581.

CL wants to put on an early morning class. Anyone interested? He is thinking a 5 am class. I’ll put a sign up at the gym.

No boys allowed

Dresses $600, Shoes $600, no boys in sight…. priceless.

Warm up: Dead lift skills-skills-skills (Do not go heavy)

2000 meter row

Rest 90 seconds

2 minute AMRAP


Rest 30 seconds

200m sprint

******* BBQ at our house tomorrow at 6pm to celebrate KL’s and QB’s bdays! Bring a paleo-ish dessert or side dish (-:

Birthday WOD KL AND QB!

Warm up: 100 DU’s


2 rounds

Max stict pull ups with blue band.

Sandbag lunges  up and down the gym

50 situps

10 Wall climbs w/pushup on the ground

10 Med ball clean wall balls

Buy out:

Dog pee Alphabet!   (both legs) Haha ask coach  CL!  Good luck and happy birthday you two!

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