Heavy Sq. cleans and du’s from OCF

By Greg Glassman

In Exercises
May 01, 2003

Many so-called experts completely misunderstand the vital role of the hip flexors in controlling and motivating athletic movement. They miss the complex interrelationship between the hip flexors and the abdominal muscles. So many trainers avoid hip flexion exercises. But that’s a big mistake, according to Coach Greg Glassman. He deplores rampant “superstition, confusion and fraud” and discusses 3 important ab exercises.

In the glute-ham developer sit-up the range of motion is from as far back in hip and back extension as you are comfortable up to where you can touch the pads above the shin and instep. We’ve used this sit-up to teach our athletes how to fully engage the rectus femoris to improve the quality of hip flexion.

In the hollow rock athletes lay face up on the ground with their arms stretched overhead and their legs out straight. They raise their arms and legs about one foot off of the floor and attempt to assume the shape of a rocker on a rocking chair, then gently, slowly, teeter back and forth. A seemingly innocuous little exercise, the hollow rock is a staple of gymnastics conditioning and excruciatingly tough when performed correctly.

The L-sit is little known outside the gymnastics community but may be the most effective ab exercise. The L-sit is performed by supporting the body entirely by the arms and holding the legs straight out in front. Athletes who have developed their L-sit to the point where they can hold it for three minutes subsequently find all other ab work easy.

Here’s a challenging wod I saw from Oregon CF last week. This will be too heavy for a lot of people so pick a weight that you know is going to be very challenging for you and try and own it!

5 Squat cleans 185/135
30 D/U’s
3 Squat Cleans
30 D/U
5 squat cleans
30 D/u

Mainsite 120818

Mainsite 120818
Five rounds for time of:
135/95 pound barbell Overhead walking lunges, 25 feet
15 Knees to elbows

*** LADIES….check out the info board or the upcoming events page about an all ladies throwdown coming up on Sept. 22nd at CrossFit Absolute in Sherwood….it has both scaled and RX divisions and I would love to take as many of us as possible!!!  These events are for FUN so please give it a shot! 

-There is still time to sign up for the Portland Garage games event on the 8&9th of Sept. – there is team, individual and scaled divisions and it is over at CrossFit X factor in downtown Portland area. We have 2 teams signged up currently- EJ&M and JC&H.

-Sept. is around the corner- remember you can autopay your dues monthly via paypal- let me know if you have questions on how to set it up.

-Protein order is in…..come and get it (-;

-how are the lifting programs coming along??? Does anyone need to start a new cycle or do you have questions on cycle you are on….come talk to me if you have questions….gotta get us all functionally strong!

– have you tried the Tues. or Thurs. 5:30am class out with CL yet?  I know I am not an early bird but let’s make this man work! 



Congrats to all the competitors!

Great job everyone to all the comptitors this weekend! It was two days of tough WODs and everyone represented to the fullest! It was great to have such great support from our Crossfit family that made the long drive to cheer us on. I will try and post all the picture on our FB site, that’s if I can remember the password. With that said please forward me all pic and vid of the weekend and I will try and put a movie together for our end of summer party!

Warm up:
Power cleans 3-3-3-1-1
Or your lifting program

4 rounds
10 front squats 135/95
5 One arm shoulder to over head w/KB (each side) 1.5/1 pood
35 DU’s

AM wod/rest day…..off to Bend Summer Games

AM wod with Claudio then a bunch of us are heading to the Oregon CrossFit Summer Games.


Good luck to all competing in Bend this weekend! There is the Portland X-Factor competition posted on the white board going into the office if anyone is interested in signing up- there may be a few of us going to that one on the 8&9th.

Pick a date with one of the girls!

For those competing in Bend use this day to do a light wod or mobility work. For those of you who are not competing……well you get to pick a date with one of the girls. Either search your wod book for your girl of choice or copy and paste this link and it will list all the CrossFit Girl wods – http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/27_04_new_girls.pdf

lift day/ gymnastics skills

Jog 1 lap warmup

The lifts do not have to be heavy but they need to be clean with proper technique

15 minutes of snatch or overhead squats work
15 minutes of clean and jerk work
15 minutes of gymnastic movements of choice (you can choose more than one movement- like dips and ghd situps or handstand work and hollow rocks- work low rep sets for good technique

row 750 M cool down

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