Come wod in costume tonight (-:

10 min to find Max Hang Power Snatch

Hang Power Snatch – 60% of max

*11 min cap

Happy trick or treating- we are going to try and move through wod fast today so we can go play with the kids- gym will close by 630 and you can come wod as early at 4pm.


hmmmmm do you think this may contain some heavy weights……YEP!

Amrap 12

buy-in- 33 unbroken du’s
3 reps of – 1 Dead + 1 clean (you can power or sq) (195,135)
3 burpee box jumps (cause she LOVES them)

*if you do not have your du’s consecutive yet then do either do 2 sets of unbroken 17’s or 3 sets of unbroken 11’s before starting wod. 100 singles skips is other scale



Lift program


10 ring push up
20 second plank hold
30 Weighted step up 24/20 box at 55/75
40 second plank hold
50 Wall ball
60 second plank hold

5 air squat jump touch 12′ above max reach penalty for each time you break your plank hold. If your break your plank you have 5 seconds to get back into a plank. If you fail to get back into a plank within the 5 seconds add another penalty.

am wod/ rest day

Shirts are in- if you ordered one come pick it up. Don’t worry if you did not pre-order I have extras in all sizes (-; Shirts are $20.00ea and they will make you look more badass!

We are looking at going to Joes Crab shack on Friday for VP and TS birthday. We are thinking about 5 pm on Friday. Please let us know if you are going so we can get a head count.

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