Dragonfire Crew Please Read- am wod

Lots of new stuff coming up here in the next couple of weeks!

-New Thurday am class with Hung starts next week at 10am and 11am
-I am up for adding another am class one day per week-please suggest a day if you are interested.
-New software system is going active in the next couple of weeks for Dragonfire- Mindbody Online will be attached to our regular website. You will now be able to pay with debit or credit and set up a monthly account, see schedules, check into classes, and lots of other stuff.
-We are removing Colby’s Tues. 5:45 am class until more interest is generated- you can still come to the Thurs. 5:45 am class.
-Monthly dues will increase by $5.00 at the 1st of the year for everyone. Please see me if you have any questions.
-I still have some sweatshirts, hoodies & Tshirts in stock in the Dragonfire office.
-We are open to taking on a few new clients right now so if you know someone who is interested in being a member of our crew bring them in to try a workout.

Emom 7 & amrap 4

EMOM for 7 minutes:

2 Back Squats @ 80%

then amrap 4
6 Goblet squats (2,1.5)
6 HR pushups

Great work yesterday everybody! Kelly did his wod rx and was even caught smiling- that didn’t happen last year- haha. Jeff pr’d the heck outta his hspu’s! Kelli killed her ctb/ttb and mm’s, Carrie was still knocking out pull-ups with baby on board- what intensity tonight from everyone!!!

KJ bday wod from last year- with one added rep (-;

Kelly’s bday was last Friday- Happy BDAY!

3 rope climbs
32 Situps
32 CTB+T2B (1CTB followed by 1 T2B= 1 rep)
32 DU’s
32 Man Makers (25/15)
3 MU’s
You can break up the 32 reps anyway you like, but you have to start with 3 rope climbs and end with 3 MU’s.
Example: You can do 10 HSPU and then go do your DU, or Man Makers, but at some point during the workout you need to go back and finish 21 HSPU or any unfinished reps. You can jump around as you like but the total reps for each movement must be completed before you move on to the MU’s).
Here are old times:

Outlaw fun!

Some Outlaw fun today:

1) Every 30 seconds for 5 minutes:

1 Power Snatch @ 80% (of max Snatch any style)

2) Every 30 seconds for 5 minutes:

1 Power Clean @ 80% (of max Clean any style)

3 rounds 500 meter row or 400 meter run for time rest 1:1
for each round that you deviate more than 5 seconds from the fastest time there is a 20 burp penalty

**********I have to say that yesterday was an awesome day to be a coach! I was so proud of all our athletes technique, form and determination on the wod. Mark and Theng were displaying the best double unders that I have seen from them yet, SG was making her pullups look effortless, KJ as always had great technique on the thrusters, and I could go on and on! It felt good to watch you guys work!!!! Keep up the hard work, you guys show me all the time how it is paying off!


CrossFit Friends and Family: Joe Lengel’s sons, Aaron and Matt, have created this wod in honor of their slain father, who was killed opening his box in Toledo. They are hoping boxes across the country will unite in solidarity Saturday to do it. It is: “Joe”

10 rounds:
10 thrusters 95/65,
10 bar facing burpees,
10 pull ups,
57 double unders

Joe Lengel Jr., 57, died suddenly on Monday, November 19, 2012, of a gunshot wound in front of his business, Intensity CrossFit Gym in Toledo, Ohio. Joe competed in the Master [55-59] CrossFit Tournament in both 2011 and 2012 and finished sixth in the world both years.

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