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By next Wednesday I want to have all members set up in the Mindbody system with the autopay. You can use debit or credit card with this system. If you are on paypal autopay currently then please go in and cancel your autopay or let me know and I can do it for you so that we can transfer you over to Mindbody. I would also would like for people to start signing into the class times. It will be mandatory to sign into the Thurs. early am classes and morning classes if you want to attend, if no one signs up by 8pm on Wed. for the Thurs. 5:45am class with Colby then it will be cancelled and you must sign up by 8am on Thurs. for the 10 or 11am classes with Hung or they will be cancelled. I know we are all creatures of habit and this is a new thing but it will help us to be more organized and allow us to spend quality coaching time with you guys.

Speaking of quality coaching time….have you been logging your workouts and lifts and pr’s? Remember if it isn’t written down…it didn’t happen. Help us help you by keeping a log, that way we know when to push you harder or adjust weight in workouts. I still have lots of Dragonfire WOD books in office or a simple notepad is fine as well as long as you are keeping track!

Hung has a new app (Coaches Eye) that he has been having fun using. If you want one of your movements evaluated in slow motion with Hung then just ask.

Mark’s Bday WOD

Happy Bday yesterday Mark!

ME (max effort) Bar MU’s in 3 min’s (subs are ctb, strict or strict with band)
ME Rope climb in 3 min’s

Then for time:

22-16-9 (hehehe equals 47)

du’s UB (yes unbroken)
WB’s (20,14)
Snatch- 1st 2 rounds are pwr snatches, last round of 10 must be caught in full squat position


Start today off by spending 15-20 minutes working up to a 1 rep max back squat. Hold form and technique- I don’t want to see a crappy back squat where all form has been lost- I don’t consider that a true max!


Back Squats (135,95)
Alternating toe touches windmill style (touch both feet to equal 1)
Jump to touch bar- min 6″ above your reach

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