Open Gym 4-6

Great work to everyone who has been doing skill sets from the “Gymnasty” board. I now have the next 2 weeks posted up. If you do the skill then put your initials by it. These skills should be done after warmup and lift but before the wod. You can do after wod as well but best to do them before.

Please remember to sign in for classes….you can sign up for a week in advance. They have free mindbody apps that you can download to make it easier to login with your smartphone too!

It looks like everyone is getting the new warm up down! It seems on average to take a total of 20-30 minutes which leaves us plenty of time to get our lift and wod done within an hour! Remember that you are practicing virtuosity of movement in your warmup so work the movements to improve your strength and your form. If you come 3 days a week then you will be getting in about 160 pullups, ttb’s, and dips in during your warmups this month- THAT ROCKS! If you are here 5 days a week that number goes to about 260-WOW! We are proud to be building such strong and functional athletes here! booooyah!

I posted some upcoming comps on the info board…take a look!

Hero WOD “Badger”

Chief Special Warfare Operator Mark Thomas Carter, 27, of Fallbrook, Calif., was killed in enemy action somewhere in Iraq. Carter was with Tactical Development and Evaluation Squadron 2, based in Virginia Beach, Va.

Carter joined the Navy in 1998, according to Navy records, and graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL school the next year. He was assigned to SEAL Team 3, based at Naval Base Coronado, Calif., then SEAL Team 7.

In April 2004, Carter was assigned to Naval Special Warfare Development Group at Dam Neck, Va., according to information provided by Navy Personnel Command. That group, formerly known as SEAL Team 6, is an ultra-secretive unit that reports to Joint Special Operations Command, which includes Delta Force.

He received his current assignment in July 2006. Carter was selected for chief earlier this year.

“I am honored to serve with and lead men and women like Chief Mark Carter. He was an outstanding SEAL, teammate, and great American,” Carter’s commanding officer, who was not named, said in a statement. “On behalf of my command, I extend my condolences and heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends. His ultimate sacrifice, the most noble act for any American warrior, is our tragic loss, and I urge those who knew him to honor his life, in the best way we know how.”

In addition to his Bronze Star, Carter received a Joint Service Commendation Medal with “V” device, two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, two Combat Action Ribbons, and an Afghanistan Campaign Medal, among other decorations.

“Losing any of the warriors serving in Naval Special Warfare is a significant loss, but losing a chief petty officer makes that loss even tougher,” said Lt. David Luckett, Naval Special Warfare Group 2 spokesman. “Like so many of his brothers in the SEAL community, Chief Carter lived the SEAL Code, and his actions on and off the battlefield embodied everything noble about serving in the Navy and in Naval Special Warfare.”

Carter is survived by his father, mother, three brothers and four sisters.


3 rounds for time
95 pound Squat clean, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups
Run 800 meters


Gymnastic and Lift program


2 rounds

We will have 6 stations. 1 minute AMRAP at each station. (No transition time)
Post rep at each station. Score will be total reps completed.

Station 1
Station 2
OH box step up 20″/18 @ 35/25
Station 3
Med ball push ups
Station 4
Sandbag get ups 30/50
Station 5
Wall ball sit up side taps
Station 6
Ground to Overhead 135/95

sun’s out…gun’s out!

Fun buy in the parking lot!
After your warm up & lift get in 8ea shuttle runs rest 1:1 (I will have cones out)

THIS IS A PARTNER WOD TODAY….team up and complete the following: rest 1-1/2 minutes between rounds instead of the 3 posted in wod:

“Barbara” partnered
5 rounds
20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Situps
50 Squats
3 min rest between each of 5 rounds

*task oriented so you must complete each set of movement before moving to next…both partners can work at same time today so go like crazy but communicate and work as one!

haha…my kind of gym!

emom warm up then fun wod- UPCOMING COMPS

Please sign up for classes….I know Mark is coming tonight but so far that is it….help me out eveyone!


1 Hang pwr snatch 1 full snatch (bar should not be released between the two lifts)

*Pick a weight that will challenge you but will allow you to maintain good form

WOD: 3 rounds

grate to grate OH Barbell carry in Parking lot (135,95)
10 power cleans same bar
400 meter run
25 tire sledge hits

I have the below events also posted in our “UPCOMING EVENTS” page. Don’t forget that Bend Summer Games date is set for Aug. 24th and 25th so save that date for sure. We already have at least 6 of us from DF wanting to compete. They have team, scale, masters and indivd. divisions.

UPCOMING COMP. EVENT in Vancouver, WA. June 22&23rd
go to: for more info
Increase:$75 on 06-03-2013
Event Date:June 22nd-23rd
Divisions:Rx, Scales
Check-in:06:00am 2013-06-22
Reg. Ends:2013-06-14

go to for more info
Increase:$145 on 06-13-2013
Event Date:July 13th
Divisions:Rx, Scaled
Check-in:07:00 am, 2013-07-13
Start-Time:08:00 am
Reg. Ends:2013-07-10

Outlaw 130422

I have got 7 people logged in showing up for class tonight….if you are coming please log in and remember you can sign in for classes a week out. Thanks.


WOD 130422:

40 Burpees
50 Double-Unders
30 Burpees
50 Double-Unders
20 Burpees
50 Double-Unders
ROW 1k


Ok so I have 1 person signed up for tonight’s class and I know Monday is a loaded night……PLEASE start signing up for classes (-: I purchased the online software to help with billing and to know class loads. Lisa Flury and a couple others have been great about signing up and really it will help out….I know I know…it is something else to have to do…you can sign up for more than a week at a time too!


3 rounds
20 SDHP (95,65)
run 700 M (1 lap)
20 TTB or TTR (toes to rings are technically easier but both are rx today- post which one you do)
run 200 M

While the pig….opps I mean the hubby’s away the other half will play….funny jokes…haha…sorry to all my other law enforcement members (ok not really) but I could not pass this one up!

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