From Crossfit Hells Gate

Check out this cool pic.  Wait, OMG is that lady wearing a games sports bra? No is that 2x games champion Susan Habbe. Why yes it is.  We just happened to run into her at Crossfit Hell’s Gate in Missoula, Montana.  And yes she is hella ripped. She did not compete this year due to an injury, but you can bet she will be back next year. Oh and did it tell you she is a 2x Games Champion 2011 and 2012.

Here is the WOD

12 minute AMRAP Ladder

SDHP 95/65
Med-ball Cleans 20/14

1x-2x-3x-4x…and so on for 12 minutes

Michele beat me on this WOD

M: 12+19
H: 12+3

I wanted to blame the altitude but I think I’m just out of shape. Round is a shape, right?

Wed with VP “ANNIE”

PLEASE NOTE THIS WEEK UNTIL HUNG AND I ARE BACK………Gym will not be open until 4pm so if you get here early please wait in parking lot until gym is opened by person teaching class that night. There will be NO Thursday AM class….there will be Friday AM class with Claudio at 8am- please show up and leave on time that morning. I have put up a yellow path line for my shop- If you come to an am class please keep that path clear at ALL times so that my workers can move from office to shop.


Double unders
sit ups

Open Gym with VP

Check out some new faces in the gym! Please welcome, John, Cindy and Curt Cosby, Steve Savage, Maraha Baker, Cheyenne Rohn. There are a few more not shown, when I get pictures of them I will post them. And why in the heck our they smiling during a WOD? Sounds like a couple of sandbaggers, we will have to change that.

What a crazy crew we have! There are a couple of faces in here that you guy might not recognize. Sara and Jesse from our sister gym, Crossfit 346Grit who just affiliated. Congrats you guys! We are one big happy dysfunctional Crossfit family.

Thanks everyone for coming out and doing the birthday WOD, That was so much fun! Happy Birthday you two and don’t get too crazy this week. And yes that is Michele photo bombing in a middle of a WOD. Obviously we know who’s doing all the work in this pic. NO not KL or QB! (and if you were thinking it, I hate you!)

Birthday WOD for QB and KL

Since it’s their birthday, we are doing a partner WOD.

2 rounds
10 wall climbs
Leap frogs
Wheel barrel
tire flip
Partner carry
Pull ups
situp throw

I’ll let you know the reps when you get to the gym! Remember we are going to do a group photo so please try and make it there before 7 pm.

Knuckle draggers are not able to come out today but free to bring them a tasty treat.

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