Dead & Jerks

Deads (155,105)
Push jerks (115,75)

Next Saturday is the mobility workshop with our fav. PT Luke from 10-1130ish. We will open the gym at 9am so you can come wod before if you want- you can also wod after. There is only 2 spots left for treatment with Luke- It is $80 if this is your 1st treatment or $50 if you are already one of his clients. If you are wondering who this guy is and why we are so excited to bring him to gym here is some info: we have had 7 people from our gym see him for treatment for various issues, he has given us all different stretches and exercises to do that can help with our problems. He has helped Lisa with her hand, Shelley and I with our hips, Erin and Colby with their back and Chris with his shoulder/neck. He does CrossFit and knows the movements that we do and what muscles they activate and use.

Pictures below are from this weekend at the Oregon Battle of the Boxes. What a great competition weekend. There are more photos uploaded on the Dragonfire Facebook page so go check them out! Weekend highlights: All 4 lifters pr’d their lifts on Sat. Marah got a 190 C&J, Chy got a 140 C&J, Hung got a 180 Snatch and Steve got a 220 snatch! Sarah, Steve, Marah and Chris moved heavy atlas stones like they were just some big rock chips. Chy figured out how to connect multiple du’s while in a wod, Curt set an amazing pace with his burpees and bar mu’s that led the team to a 3rd place finish in wod 3. Chy, Marah and I were showing how girls can rock the handstand pushups. Sarah and Chris showed their amazing leg strength by pumping out almost 100 front squats between them the 1st wod. Whew I could go on and on! AMAZING weekend and to top it all off team Curt, Steve S., Marah, & Michele tied for 4th place after 5 wods, not bad for Curt and Steve’s 1st competition!

Day two of the Battle of the Boxes

If you missed it yesterday the youngsters did great. WOD 3 was a good one! We will definitely have to bring it back to our gym. WOD 4 will start at 9 am. VP will be running class tomorrow morning.

15:00 AMRAP of:
10 Snatch
5 Hand Release Pushups

When you reach a maximal weight, stay there for the remainder of the WOD.

Score is Rounds plus reps and weight.
Men start at 65# and increase weight by 10# every round
Women start at 35# and increase weight by 5# every round

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Battle of the boxes- Class with Wodfather

Check out some of our new competitors! Come cheer these guys on today and Sunday.

We have two teams completing in the Battle of the boxes. 1st WOD starts at about 0930 hours in Wilsonville. WODfather will be running the 10 am class.

Luke from Stay Unbroken will be here Oct 5th at 10 am to 11:30 to do a free mobility seminar at our gym. After the seminar he will have a table setup and he has three more time slots left if you want to get treated. I highly recommend you sign up if you have any mobility issues. The cost will be $80.00 for the first hour if it’s your first time being treated by him. Contact Michele for more details. Time slots will be first come first serve. 12-1-2-3 and 4 pm.

Friday am wod- Any interest is Friday PM wod?

Trying to see who would be interested in a Friday wod time from 5-7? Please either reply to this post or let Hung or I know.

Next week we are bringing in A new coach to Dragonfire to help on Mon. night from 5-7 with the newer members and we are opening a Tuesday wod night from 5-7. Val will be there from 6-8 as well.

The new coach is James and he comes to us with a fitness trainer cert, a level 1 Crossfit cert and a CrossFit mobility cert. He will start next Monday so make sure to introduce yourself!

Seeing lots of new faces at Dragonfire! Please welcome newer members Nancy, Haley, Michelle & James! If you see them then say hi.

Battle of the Boxes is tomorrow at CrossFit Wilsonville- come support your two 4 person teams competing. There will be 96 people competing on 24 different teams! Weekend wods will run as usual.

Wed. Lift Clinic 5-7

In lieu of a wod tonight- we are going to run a 2 hour lift clinic for you. It will go over the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. It will be material that we wanted to share from our lift camp this weekend from American open weightlifting champion Spencer Arnold. It will be hands on so we will do a dynamic warmup all together then start lifting- going over PVC warmup technique then working with the bar. The gym will still open at 4 and close up around 730.

We are back!

Hung, Rae, Spencer, Michele and Eric at our lifting camp!

Next Saturday is Battle of the Boxes at CrossFit Wilsonville. It a 4 person team competition and Dragonfire has 2 teams signed up. Come support your crew Team #1 Hung, Steve, Michele & Marah Team#2 Chris, Lil Steve, Sarah & Chy. It is at the same gym that Booties in Action was at Address: 25589 SW Canyon Creek Suite 100, Wilsonville OR. It is a 2 day comp. so try to make it out for a little bit- I will post start and end time when I get more information.

There will be normal class on Sat. and Sun. at Dragonfire from 10-12.

3 rounds for time:
8 CTB/ or 5 rings or bar MU’s
12 KB swings 1,5/1 pood
16 box jumps 24″/20″

Sun. wod with CL

Time to have a date with one of the girls! Pick a girl and write her name and your time on the board! There are more named girl wods if you want to look them up online. You may also choose a past wod you missed and wanted to do and go after it!

Hung and I learned lots yesterday at the camp- we cannot wait to share! We are thinking of doing a 1-2 hour lift session one evening this week instead of a wod while all the stuff is fresh in our heads addressing just the snatch and c&j! See y’all tomorrow- I may be walking funny as I think I am going to be sore as heck… So don’t laugh too hard!!!

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