Sunday makeup WOD day

Make up WOD day- woo hoo! I know there is one that you missed that you just cannot wait to do (-;

Is anyone interested in ordering a zip up hoodie as we are out of them. I was thinking of doing one that is embroidered with Crossfit Dragonfire on front and our dragon on the arm. My cost to get it done on the alternative apparel rocky zip up hoodie is $50.00 and I would sell them at that price- I would need to get 10 on order to do them at this cost- let me know if anyone is interested and yes I could have them done by Christmas for a gift.

131129 Friday 5 pm

TOMORROW- MOBILITY WORKSHOP WITH LUKE from 10-11:30! Don’t miss this free workshop! You can wod after from 12-1 or before from 9-10.

Spend 15 mins to find a 1 RM Thruster

4 Rounds for total reps
below cycle = 1 round
1 min burpees
1 min rest
1 min row for cals
1 min rest
1 min max 1 arm kb snatch (1/.75)
1 min rest

Everybody is doing it so I just had to! BLACK FRIDAY SALE! ALL clothing in Dragonfire store is 25% off this through this weekend (-: I have sweatshirts, t’s, thermals, men’s sweatpants and tanks.

fri am

KJ Bday wod

kelly j 1

kellly j 2

So I don’t get in trouble from KJ these adorable pictures were courtesy of EJ….hehehe! I love them!

Kelly’s Bday was on Saturday but we are doing his bday wod today! This is his same bday wod from the last 2 years but with 1 additional rep-ouch!
3 rope climbs
33 Situps
33 CTB+T2B (1CTB followed by 1 T2B= 1 rep)
33 DU’s
33 Man Makers (25/15)
3 MU’s
You can break up the 33 reps anyway you like, but you have to start with 3 rope climbs and end with 3 MU’s.
Example: You can do 10 HSPU and then go do your DU, or Man Makers, but at some point during the workout you need to go back and finish 21 HSPU or any unfinished reps. You can jump around as you like but the total reps for each movement must be completed before you move on to the MU’s).



Here we go again…..another girl wod!


150 wall balls for time (20,14) to 10′ mark

Many have asked, “Why are the workouts named after Girls?” Coach Glassman, the founder and President of CrossFit explained it best. “I want to explain the workout once and then give it a name. I thought that anything that left you flat on your back, looking up at the sky asking ‘what just happened to me?’ deserved a females name. Workouts are just like storms, they wreak havoc on towns.”


Saturday 2010 Sectional wod

Couple quick notes:
~Next Saturday from 10-11:30 PT Luke Hartman is giving another FREE to our members seminar. Please do not miss this opportunity! He is going to focus a little more on upper thoracic mobility and stability this time. We will open gym at 9am and we will keep gym open till 1pm.
~Thanksgiving no pm wod but we will have an am wod…. we will update time soon so you all know
~I have been having fun organizing and updating our wod boards. I am getting the max lift board done now so give me your max lift numbers in the next couple of days so I can get them on board. Next week we are going after Karen and the week after we may try to get some new Grace times (-:

nw sectional wod 2010 20 min cap
3 rds
10 deads (315,185)
20 ring dips
30 box jumps 24″

ouch-Alanna and I did this in 2010 and did not finish under time cap.

sec wod 10

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