140226 Wednesday 2min

Pwr Lifts- pick a weight that you can tap and go and not drop
3×5 pwr snatch and 3×5 power C&J

Row 2 mins
2 min max fun jumps
row 2 mins
2 min max situps
row 2 mins
2 min max pullups (DO NOT RIP…or even come close-that is why I put them last since your will already be really tired!)

Weird…..does this wod seem familiar??
row gymnastics
Your Role in the “Open”
February 22, 2014 by Chris Spealler

The CrossFit Games Open is upon us once again. 2013 went by in a flash and 2014 brings a new year with new opportunities and possibilities. It’s your chance to seize the moment and enjoy every minute of it. I think we all have different goals and things in mind over the upcoming 5 weeks but we should all have one common thread.

You may just be on the fence, unsure wether you should try to compete in the Open or not. Do it, give it a shot and enjoy it. What’s holding you back? Fear of failure, is there any other reason not to do it? It’s an opportunity for you to be a part of one of the largest fitness competitions in the world and still compete in the comfort of your home box with your friends close by. You may find out you could do more than you thought possible. I encourage you to stop worrying about what others think and compete for the fun of it plus there are plenty of people that would love to participate but may not be able to.

Some of you are doing the Open to participate as a member of your gym or the global CrossFit community. Your goal is to have fun, maybe improve upon a score or placing from last year, or just put some of that new found fitness that you have worked hard for to use in a fun competition, the Open. You drive our community, you make me want to walk in the gym everyday when I teach classes and the enjoyment and freedom you have is something I often envy.

Others have put more on the line this year. Maybe you came close to making it to Regionals last year and missed it by a hair. Your goal is in sight and the time has come to go for it. Don’t doubt, don’t overthink, just act. You’ve trained hard over the past year, put in the work and now you need to let go and let it rip. I look forward to seeing your results and the thrill of making it to the next level of competition in the Games season.

You may have your eyes set solely on the top 3 at Regionals and to qualify for the Games. The Open is a necessity but the goal is ahead. Be patient, enjoy the Open and use the workouts as a gauge but don’t weigh on them too heavy. The goal is Regionals, not the Open. Do you’re best to stop leaderboarding and keep your focus on your goal. There is still plenty of time to improve before the month of Regionals so do it. You know as well as I how brutal some of the Open workouts can be when you press on the gas. It makes us better mentally and physically.

Regardless of where we fall with our goals during the Open we should all have a common thread. To be a part of the CrossFit community. To motivate, support, and drive those around us to be the best that THEY can be. Cheering them on for one more rep to qualify for regionals, or even just gathering around the last person in the gym trying to get their first chest to bar pull up and staying in the competition, and if they miss it… welcoming them in for the next workout even if their score didn’t count from the previous week. We all have a chance to drive this community and steer it in a direction that shows the rest of the world what is possible when we work hard and have a community of likeminded dedicated people beside you. A garage gym just starting with 4 people cheering one another on to the “mega” boxes filled with equipment and members… we are all a part of the community. We are all a part of what I hope we treat as larger than ourselves. A group of people that want to be the best that we can be and help change other people’s lives as well. I’ve said it before and I still believe it. The finishing point, the place, the result is never what motivates people. It’s the heart we pour out into each effort that changes us and those around us. Now is your chance. The Open is your chance.

140225 Tuesday kb & wb

Lift: work on your clean and jerk do no more than 70% of your max

2 rounds
25 kb swings 1.5/1
25 wallball 20/14 to 10′
2 rounds
15 kb swings 1.5/1
15 wallballs 20/14 to 10′


THE OPEN IS CLOSE!!! I am so excited we have 25 people signed up-WOW! Our first victim will be on Thurs. night (Cindy has to go early this week due to prior engagements) so we will get to watch and see how it is done! All we expect is you all to do your best and stay safe with your movements- this is about personal challenge and seeing how you can push yourself. Let’s have FUN!

HEHE! Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Sunday – Make up day


Make up day (-:

The OPEN starts this coming Thursday! We will be doing the OPEN wod’s on Saturday as a whole gym. It will be easiest to judge as many people as possible that day. If you cannot do the wod that day for some reason then let us know so we can figure out when we need a judge available. We will have designated judges who have completed and passed the CrossFit Games online judging course doing the judging. I am excited that so many of you signed up! This is going to be a great season and I cannot wait to see you all go for it! If you have signed up for the Open then we do expect you to watch the standards videos when they are released before doing the wod. Standards will be strictly held ….but of course you all know that (-; this is Dragonfire.

140220 Thursday thrusters, ctb, du’s

CPR/AED CLASS IS ON SUNDAY…there are a few spots left if you are interested. Cost is $45.00 and there is online portion to be done before class and practical at gym on Sunday. If you have already signed up please make sure to complete the online portion before Sunday and print your completion certificate and bring it in. First class is at 1pm and second one is at 3pm. Call me if you have any questions- 971-219-7581.


10 mins of Front Squat work

50 thusters 45/35
75 du’s
10 CTB pullups
25 thrusters 75/55
50 du’s
10 CTB
10 thrusters 105/75
25 du’s
10 CTB

If you have your mu’s then you can sub out 5 mu’s for the 10 ctb’s


140219 Wednesday sto, pu’s, kb

power lifts: 3×5 power snatch tap and go weight, 3×5 power clean and jerk at tap and go…challenge yourself on these sets and push hard rest no more than 1 min. between each set

30 wallballs afap (as fast as possible)
rest as needed then:

Three rounds for time of:
20 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75 lbs)
15 Pull-Ups
30 Kettlebell Swings (1.5,1)

wed 20 15 30

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