Sept. 15, 2014

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Week 11 End of Squat Cycle- Max day
Monday Back Squat Max 70%x5 80%x3 90%x1 95%x1 100+%x1

Back Squat (70%x5 80%x3 90%x1 95%x1 100+x1)

If you maxed on last cycle no need to do it again….just work up to a heavy rep for the day where you feel confident and strong.

Snatch (this is a FULL snatch- drop below 90)

If you mobility will not allow a full snatch then work your power snatch and do some extra mobility work as it is time to get low low low (-:

since we are still finding what you are capable of work these with good technique. You may go up in weight each set only if the set was solid. Drop all reps. We will start working off percentages soon but I want to get everyone comfortable with movement first.

Clean and Jerk (FULL CLEAN (-:)

same notes as used for snatch above. They do not need to be heavy- work skill of catching below 90.

Metcon (Time)

For Time:
Power Clean (135/95)

Power Clean (155/105)
Toes to Bar

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

The WLC Fall 2014 Official Workout
This is for the crew who is doing the whole life challenge. We will tell you how it goes for the next 55 days and if we love it we will do another round in Jan. when the next event starts (-:

In 11 minutes:
Run 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, or 3/4 mile (choose a distance you can finish in 6 minutes or less)
In the time remaining, complete as much of the following list as you can:
30 Air Squats
30 Sit Ups
30 Plank Ups
40 Lunges
40 Bicycles
40 Push Ups
50 Squat Jumps
50 Flutter Kicks
50 Mountain Climbers
100 Burpees

Your score is the total number of reps you complete.

– Don’t worry – this workout was not designed to actually be finished in under 11 minutes – just get as far as you can in the list and count all your reps as points.
– your choice in run distance must remain the same for both your prelim and the final inventory

For example:
1. I’m sure I can finish 1/2 mile run in under 6 minutes, so I choose this option.
2. Start the stopwatch and head out for the run. The faster I run, the more time will be left after I finish to score more points (reps), so I run fast.
3. I finish the run in 4:42… but don’t stop… I immediately start squatting. I get through the squats, sit ups, plank ups, lunges and I get to 20 bicycles before 11 minutes is up.
4. My score is the total number of reps… 30+30+30+40+20 = 150.
5. I write this score down and enter it into the WLC web site.

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