Dragonfire Crew Please Read- am wod

Lots of new stuff coming up here in the next couple of weeks!

-New Thurday am class with Hung starts next week at 10am and 11am
-I am up for adding another am class one day per week-please suggest a day if you are interested.
-New software system is going active in the next couple of weeks for Dragonfire- Mindbody Online will be attached to our regular website. You will now be able to pay with debit or credit and set up a monthly account, see schedules, check into classes, and lots of other stuff.
-We are removing Colby’s Tues. 5:45 am class until more interest is generated- you can still come to the Thurs. 5:45 am class.
-Monthly dues will increase by $5.00 at the 1st of the year for everyone. Please see me if you have any questions.
-I still have some sweatshirts, hoodies & Tshirts in stock in the Dragonfire office.
-We are open to taking on a few new clients right now so if you know someone who is interested in being a member of our crew bring them in to try a workout.


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