Fast canoeing!

Skill: Two attempts to get your fastest 500 meter row.

WOD: 22-16-10 WTF?
Dead lift (185/135)

Note: Plan for a swimming WOD at Gresham high school on Tuesday March 8 at 5:30 pm. Please RSVP for a head count. No extra charge for CFDF members. Remember to bring proper attire (No man thongs Ted!) Be ready to get our drown on! See you at the bottom.


  • Queen Posh "B" says:

    Count me in on the swimming!!

  • Deadlifts in the water count me in!

  • Technically I wear a “singlet” and not a man thong. It’s similar to Borat’s lime green singlet.

  • OMG I would pay money to see that! I’ve missed you guys the last few nights, see you Saturday!

  • CL: 1:51; 4:53 (mostly ttr’s! & 115)
    KL: 2:29; 4:28 (ku’s, 35) beating hubby’s time……priceless! haha
    RD: 3:56 rx ttb
    AD: 3:32 rx ttr
    M: 6:33 rx ttr (got my arss handed to me by alanimal tonight…bahahha!)
    H: 1:43; 4:22rx ttb
    TS: 1:34
    AC: 5:35 rx ttb
    BL wod:
    J:4:56 (slight mods) R: 6:02 (slight mods)

  • pfff you’ll get me this weekend Meesh! I think the legs are going to be sore tomorrow…hahaha fun wod though and miss going head to head with my woman!!! 🙂

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