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diane 1 year later

Growing up I was always active, participated in gymnastics all through high school and ballet until the age of 25. After having two kids, I tried to workout at home and keep moving, but like every busy mom; work, kids, kid’s activities all came first. I still considered myself to be active, but never found anything that I could stick with and that could keep my attention. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked because I knew a better self was there somewhere; I just needed to find something that could make me feel good about myself again.

My husband and I knew Hung and Michele for several years and heard that they started a Crossfit gym and it was fairly close to home…so we decided to give it a try! I didn’t realize until Hung took me through the Baseline workout just how out of shape I had become, that eight minute workout was an eye opener, and I became instantly hooked! Yep, I came back for more, started out barely able to hold a 15 lb. bar over my head, started with banded pull-ups, and did all of the workouts modified. I can say now, after just over two years at Dragonfire, I have had so much success both physically and mentally! I have lost over 30 lbs. which is great, but I think my greatest success is knowing how much stronger I am because of them! They are wonderful coaches and they took me from not being able to climb a 15 foot rope not only physically but also mentally to being able to climb it several times in a row without panic attacks, I can now pull 215 lbs. off the floor in a Dead Lift, never did I ever think I would do something like this!

Every day there is rewarding and challenging, but I look forward to each night that I am there! Oh, and did I mention the people? The people are amazing and supportive and will cheer you on during your struggles and triumphs, an amazing group of friends who are now family! I am so glad I found Crossfit Dragonfire, they have made me a stronger individual inside and out!