July 29, 2020

CrossFit Dragon Fire – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)


Row 1000m


3:00 of Barbell Yoga* Without putting the bar

down, move through different movements to get loose.Ie. Good mornings, ohs,

hang snatches, lunges etc.

2. OLY – For Weight

Every 2:00 for 16:00

Above Knee Snatch +Below Knee Snatch +Snatch

Sets 1-2: Technique Focus

Sets 3-6: Build in weight,

NO misses

Sets 7-8: Technique Focus

Drop and reset between

reps if necessary to

maintain form. Above Knee

Snatch should be well below


Conditioning – For Time

2 Rounds

Run 800m

32 KB Swings 53-70/35-53lbs

Run 800m

16 KB Snatch 53-70/35-53lbs

3. “Fleetwood Smack” –

AMRAP 3 Minutes

30 Lateral Burpee over Rower

Max Distance Row in remaining time

Score is distance in meters.


4×12 vups

4×12 hspu

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