sept. 9, 2014

Main – CrossFit

Booties in Action ladies- time to start tapering off on heavy weight so you can KILL it at the comp this weekend. Do everything light for next 4 days- so today you can do the deadlifts but do not kill them- no max for 3 maybe just 3×3 at weight you did last week in 6×2. Today you can push hard on the wod but after today just do the work and movement in the wod but don’t go all out.

Deadlift (3×3 post highest set)

last week ended dead cycle today see what you highest set of 3 reps can be – do not do more than 3 sets though so plan it out wise. I want these good reps- no crazy rounding or bad form as that will not count (-:

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

if you have bar mu’s then see how many you can get in 3 mins
if you do not have that skill then choose either me ctb pull-ups or me pull-ups in 2 mins
note what you did in comments

Metcon (Time)

5 rounds – all at 95/65
3 Front sqauats
6 thrusters
9 burps
12 deads
finish wod with 1 400 meter run

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