Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 4pm-8:00pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am-10am

Saturday, Sunday: 10am-12pm

We run open gym style.  What is this?  People may come in anytime during our open hours and workout.  Since there are so many facets to CrossFit we do not like to rush people in and out of the gym. Our WOD “Workout of the Day” is led by one of our certified coaches approximately every ½ hour. The coach will explain the wod and the movements involved and then oversee the workout to ensure all athletes are working movements correctly and safely.  This open gym style allows time for our standard warm-up and lifting programs that athletes may be on.  It allows the coaches to have eyes on all the athletes and this gives us the ability to give focused attention when needed.

Example: If you want to come in at 5:30, then you should plan on being warm and ready to do your workout at 6pm. If you want to stay after and work on your mobility or a skill that you are trying to get, then you are not rushed out of the gym. We don’t want to run a factory gym where we feel we push our clients in and out, you are family and you are welcome here.  If you need to be in and out by a certain time we can keep you on track.