Rest Day

Go check out the sick Vid. that Justin put up on Facebook of last nights workout!

If you need to workout today…… go for a run 🙂


crossfit cert 007Hung & I at Crossfit Level 1 Cert. with Speal.


  • Hung–I think Speal is taller than you. Maybe if you puff up your hair??
    I love what you guys are doing..Shell and I are going to have to drop by for a WOD

  • Cladio…you and Shelley should totally come by. Join us on Sat. around 3pm, we are going to do a wod then have a potluck after.

  • opps I spelled your name wrong Claudio…I can’t type…too tired from last nights wod…haha

  • of course you had to post the speal picture

  • Hey Michelle we obviously didn’t make it but thanks for the invite. I was out all night after some people got rowdy downtown. But we HAVE to join you…

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