Sled it go!

Warm up:
jog 1 lap, 25 du’s, 20 air squats, passthurs with pvc
snatch drills with light weight working on form (65,45)

200 meter sled pull (45,25)
wall balls- 25
wall balls-25
200 meter sled pull (45,35)

*options are ghd to horizontal or abmat situps, lower wall ball shots

Cool down:
Run 2 laps
“I got this”


  • 7:01 as rx’d

  • Snatch drills: 35lb

    WOD: 9:12 (i think) 10lb sled weight, abmat situps and then I almost died!!!!

    Missed you tonight ladies you would have loved this one. I still expect to see you do it!

  • 8:44 Rx

    RD made me feel like I was standing still, and on top of that RG beat me. Must be the damn ice cream RD has been making me eat! Nice work today Queen B..I never heard her moan like that during a workout. That sounded wrong.

  • Just saw the funniest t-shirt: “If crossfit were easy it’d be your mom” LMAO

  • Michele: 9:28 Rx

    Alanna: 12:56 Rx

    Val: 8:12 10lbs – next time will do 25!

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