“This joint makes me want to live in northeast Portland.  If there was only one thing I could say about CF Dragonfire it would be I left each day better than when I arrived.  Fortunately I am not limited to just one thing.

Due to some long term projects in the Portland, I ultimately spent four weeks working out at Dragonfire.   I was only able to attend late classes, so earlier classes may be different.  There are class times but not really a set class format, which sounds weird.  You show up and warm up as needed, then do the skill/weight work you want (members have a weightlifting plan).  Usually when you feel ready to do the met-con, someone else is as well and you hit it.  At any given time, there is someone doing their outlaw workout, someone working a skill, and someone else busting their butt doing the WOD.  Admittedly, it takes a bit to adjust.  Once you do, you will not be sorry!

The owners, Hung and Michelle, are absolutely awesome when it comes to explaining how to perform a movement correctly and they will always reinforce their lessons.  This reinforcement typically occurs when you least expect it, when you think they are on the other side of the box and not paying any attention to you.  Hung may be walking around in a ski helmet for no other reason than it felt right that day.  (“Keep Portland weird!”  Ha!)

Everyone at Dragonfire is truly welcoming and make visitors feel like they are at home.  I highly recommend that if you are any where near CF Dragonfire, make time to get a workout here.”

– The CrossFit Vagabond

Diane’s Story

diane booties

diane 1 year later

Growing up I was always active, participated in gymnastics all through high school and ballet until the age of 25. After having two kids, I tried to workout at home and keep moving, but like every busy mom; work, kids, kid’s activities all came first. I still considered myself to be active, but never found anything that I could stick with and that could keep my attention. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked because I knew a better self was there somewhere; I just needed to find something that could make me feel good about myself again.

My husband and I knew Hung and Michele for several years and heard that they started a Crossfit gym and it was fairly close to home…so we decided to give it a try! I didn’t realize until Hung took me through the Baseline workout just how out of shape I had become, that eight minute workout was an eye opener, and I became instantly hooked! Yep, I came back for more, started out barely able to hold a 15 lb. bar over my head, started with banded pull-ups, and did all of the workouts modified. I can say now, after just over two years at Dragonfire, I have had so much success both physically and mentally! I have lost over 30 lbs. which is great, but I think my greatest success is knowing how much stronger I am because of them! They are wonderful coaches and they took me from not being able to climb a 15 foot rope not only physically but also mentally to being able to climb it several times in a row without panic attacks, I can now pull 215 lbs. off the floor in a Dead Lift, never did I ever think I would do something like this!

Every day there is rewarding and challenging, but I look forward to each night that I am there! Oh, and did I mention the people? The people are amazing and supportive and will cheer you on during your struggles and triumphs, an amazing group of friends who are now family! I am so glad I found Crossfit Dragonfire, they have made me a stronger individual inside and out!



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